How Mobile Apps Can Increase Productivity

In the business world, we understand productivity as a measure of the efficiency of a system, workers, and machines. As a business owner, the idea is to be as efficient as you can to provide the best results to your customers, while also earning a profit for it. Just 15 years ago, productivity relied on workers, websites or corporate systems but now we are moving a step further. In the past years, there has been an incredible technological revolution. It has helped customers get closer to their favorite businesses and has helped business owners and employees gain new customers that could not have been reached by other means. With the use of online applications, businesses have been able to expand efficiently. Now you might be thinking, does my business need an app?

The answer for you would be a YES, no matter what industry you are in. Apps are being used by different people all across the world. They have been able to provide a new view for businesses in every area of the business structure. Sales, logistics are just some examples of areas where apps have helped businesses to be more productive, providing high reach and close relationships with clients for low investments.


The New York Times in 2008 created an app that allows users to have an ad-supported, free subscription to the newspaper. You might think, how did this affect their productivity? Year after year, the sales of paper newspapers have been decreasing as young customers are not interested in going to a kiosk and get the newspaper in the morning anymore. They want the news quickly and easily. This app has helped the Times gain new customers that they otherwise would not have been able to if they only worked on paper or website.

No matter the sector you work in an app will make life easier for customers and employees while providing real-time information and the best performance. Having an app makes a large difference, for you, for your team, for your business.